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Join the Quarterly Rapport Discord Server and the Competitive Digimon Rumble Arena Discord Server before signing up! Please use your Discord tag (Ex: Yuri Bacon#0423) as your nickname when you sign up! This will help TOs out a lot!

You can find information on how to setup netplay in the #tournament-info in the Digimon Rumble Arena Discord Server. The following mednafen servers will be used for this tournament:,, Please complete a ping test to all three servers before bracket starts. When you play your sets, take both your and your opponent's average ping to each server and add them together. Play on the server with the least total ping. When you play your sets, make sure to use "/gamekey QRDRA#" before connecting to netplay each set! Replace # with the match number next to your set on the bracket below (Ex "/gamekey QRDRA1" for set 1).


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