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    Double Elimination
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    Them's Fightin' Herds
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    March 28, 2020 ที่ 3:00 PM EDT
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The Fightin' Foenatics have teamed up with Quarterly Rapport to keep The Magic Series from getting infected (with anything other than sick matches)! 

TFH joins the 35+ communities that are now QUARANTINED!  

This event is the 2nd tournament in our online monthly Them's Fightin' Herds tournament circuit for 2020!  As you may have noticed, for this month we're doing a special collaboration with NJ-based FGC organization Quarterly Rapport.  This month's TMS event will be under the "Quarantined Rapport"  netplay megaevent, featuring special cross-promotions and donations for supporting the fight against the invisible enemy threatening the world (and ruining local events, while at it).

Tournament management will follow under the same methodology as prior TMS tourneys, with a few exceptions (registrant cap, how to register, and registration requirements).  Future TMS tourneys will revert to their standard format at our community's Challonge (this bracket will also be recreated their post-tournament for the purpose of tracking rankings), and the circuit will culminate in an end-of-year finale in January 2021.

These tournaments, as well as the Finale, are and will remain free of entry fees, and are open to all-comers (the Finale will be locked to the top 16 from the circuit).  Each month will have a base $150 prize pool and the same payout structure, with the exception of the Finale which jumps to $300.  All matches are best-of-3 sets, with the winner's finals, loser's finals, and grand finals sets being best-of-5.  Tournament seeding is not final until just prior to tournament start (after the end of the check-in period).  As with the previous tournaments, all participants are required to check-in on Challonge prior to the tournament, beginning 6 hours from tourney start time.  IF YOU DO NOT CHECK IN, CHALLONGE WILL AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE YOU FROM BRACKET AT 3:30 US EDT, regardless of if you are otherwise present.

PLEASE JOIN THE FF DISCORD WHEN YOU SIGN UP! It makes it easier to contact you if your match is up!


Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 28 March 2020

Check-In Start Time: 9:00 AM EDT (6:00 AM PDT)

Check-In/Registration Deadline: 3:00PM EDT (12:00 PM PDT)
Official Stream/Tournament Start Time: 4:00 PM EDT (1:00 PM PDT)


1st Place: USD 75.00

2nd Place: USD 45.00

3rd Place: USD 20.00

4th Place: USD 10.00

PAYOUTS WILL BE DELIVERED VIA PAYPAL, so ensure you have an account in good standing on hand.

Main Twitch/Finals:

Side Streams:




Current Standings for TMS 2020 Circuit Finals:

TMS Organizers/TOs:



Rich Jammer

Southern Foxy
Mostly Harmless


Event Rules:

  • All entrants must check-in 1 hour before the start of the tournament (by 3:00 PM US EDT). This includes entrants in the bracket and on the waiting list. Failure to check-in on time will be an automatic disqualification even if you are present in the Pixel Lobby, as Challonge automatically removes you from bracket.
  • All entrants must gather in the designated Pixel Lobby at least 5 minutes before the event starts, or ASAP following announcement of designated Lobbies.  Designated Pixel Lobbies will be announced by an Organizer.
  • All matches are best-of-3 sets, with the Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals, and Grand Finals sets being best-of-5. In Grand Finals, the player coming from the loser's bracket must defeat the player from the winner's bracket in two separate sets (the first defeat is referred to as a "reset") in order to win.  The winner of Grand Finals will be crowned Grand Champion.
  • If an entrant misses their first match (10 minutes after tourney start), they will be automatically moved into loser's bracket.
  • If an entrant misses their second match after being moved to loser's bracket (~10 minutes after match is generated), they will be eliminated from the tournament. 
  • Players can choose any character on the first match of their set with a new opponent. However, they can only change their character in the following matches against the same opponent if they lose. The winner of a match must not change their character in the next match of the set.  Grand Finals resets will count as a new set, and neither player is restricted in character choice at the start of the first match.
  • Not all matches will be streamed and not all matches will be witnessed by an Organizer. Participants of these matches must report results to an Organizer.  Participants who fail to report results of off-stream matches in a timely fashion will be disqualified (on-stream matches will be recorded by an Organizer).
  • If the results of an unwitnessed match are in dispute, players will be forced to redo the match with an Organizer spectating (this match will not be streamed unless deemed necessary).
  • Participants are solely responsible for remaining present and available for match direction by Organizers.  Any player that cannot be found/contacted for a match at any point in the tournament is subject to disqualification at Organizer discretion.  Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that a participant join The Fightin’ Foenatics Discord to ensure ease of communication.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure their match results are accurate. If an Organizer gets the results incorrect and it is not reported by the entrant or by spectators in a timely fashion, the results will remain as they are. If it is suspected that an Organizer reported inaccurate results due to malicious intent or negligence, the dispute will be investigated by separate Organizers. 
  • As this is an international event, having a high ping with the other participants is not an automatic disqualification. We do however require a stable enough Internet connection for matches to take place in a timely fashion. If matches cannot be spectated due to connection issues, they will be played off-stream and off-server in a Vanilla Lobby between the two players.  If the match continues to be unplayable, an Organizer will attempt to determine which player's connection is the source of the issue and issue a disqualification (both players will be disqualified if it is unclear where the issue lies).  
  • PLEASE DO NOT USE WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTIONS.  There is no disqualification rule or penalty if you are unavoidably forced to use a wireless connection, but to minimize connection issues we highly recommend all participants use wired connections if at all possible.
  • Payouts will be delivered via PayPal. Recipients are responsible for ensuring they have an account in good standing on hand. Individual winnings may become forfeit if the Organizer in charge of payouts is unable to transfer funds to the applicable winner.


  • Please do!  You will not be added into the bracket, but Challonge will automatically place you into a waiting list.
  • While in the waiting list, it is very possible/likely that you will be added into the actual bracket due to dropouts/disqualifications.  


  • Please join the Fightin’ Foenatics Discord at:
  • If any issues arise in joining, please contact an Organizer via Discord, Steam, or any means at your disposal.
  • Download and install Discord from if you do not already possess it, or use it via the Internet browser application.
  • Refusal to use/install Discord does not prevent tournament entry; however, you remain subject to disqualification if Organizers cannot contact you to inform you of essential information/changes to the tournament, or to verify your presence during/following tourney check-in. 


  • There should be an option to check-in on the tournament's Challonge page once the check-in window begins 6 hours prior to tourney start.
  • If you still cannot check-in, please contact an Organizer.
  • Please check in EVEN IF YOU ARE ON THE WAITING LIST.  If the time for check-in closes and those actually in the bracket have not checked in, those who have checked in from the waiting list queue are automatically arranged into the bracket by Challonge (seeding may still be adjusted at this time).


  • There will be an option in the Challonge to drop out.
  • If the option to drop out in the Challonge is not available, contact an Organizer.
  • If you can’t contact an Organizer, you will be automatically disqualified/removed via established rules.


  • Please stand by for further instructions.


  • As Pixel Lobbies have a current maximum capacity of 28 players, participants will be assigned one of three servers at the start of the tournament. Once the first matches have been settled, contact your next opponent and meet them in an agreed-upon tournament server.  If you are uncertain of where to go, view the Discord or consult with an Organizer for further information.  Trolling opponents on agreed server meetups is subject to disqualification upon verification by an Organizer.
  • At the onset, it is helpful for eliminated players to depart all tournament lobbies entirely to minimize potential interference/distraction.  We of course encourage you to continue following the tournament via the applicable Twitch streams following elimination.
  • As of now we have no administrative power to prevent unaware players from entering the lobby and attempting to solicit matches outside of the tournament, but we will inform them of the tournament's existence and politely ask them to use a different server if their presence is an issue. Designated lobbies will also be named for tournament use to clarify their purpose.

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